Promotional Lesson: There will be a free trial lesson (first lesson) for those who wish to experience one-to-one piano lesson before deciding whether they want to continue learning piano. After the first lesson, fees will be charged in four-week increments.

Lesson Fee: This is only for private (individual) lessons. Parents are allowed to observe for the first three lessons if the student is younger than 9 years old.

Books Requirement: The lesson fee does not include books and other materials. Students will need to purchase the books by themselves. Depending on the student's needs and level, books will be suggested either prior to or during the learning period.

Rules: The lesson fee will be paid every four weeks, at the start of the first lesson of each period. If any student decides to terminate their lesson, he/she would need to provide notice three weeks before the last lesson. If any student needs to change the agreed upon lesson date/time due to vacation plans or other reasons, inform me at least two days beforehand so arrangements can be made for an alternate lesson. There will be no replacement lessons for any unexcused absences.



Piano or Theory Lesson

*Tuition fee: 

30 minutes per lesson- 30 USD dollars

45 minutes per lesson- 45 USD dollars

60 mintues per lesson- 55 USD dollars

*The tuition fees listed above will apply for the 2021-2022 academic year. All tuition fees listed are in USD. For more information, please email to :